Tuesday, May 6, 2008

CursedCleveland to Make Triumphant Return

Thanks eveyrone for the letters, gifts and candy. Yes, CursedCleveland is plotting it's return to terrestrial internet. We've hired an L.A. -based internet consulting firm to help us with our relaunch. Early returns are that are site was over-reliant on death jokes, Kobe vs LeBron arguments, and preteen jokes. Not to mention our site getting hijacked by "NevadaNick" like we were commercial passenger jet airliners heading for New York.

You'll be pretty impressed with site's new starpower. One of writer's is a television broadcaster in West Virginia, while another does a concession stand at an up-scale Cleveland-based country club. We welcome your feedback, as it will probably be the subject our our first post titled "Your feedback, and why we're dismissing it in favor of death jokes, Kobe vs LeBron argumens and preteen jokes. Continue Entry»