Friday, January 16, 2009

20-0 at home...Are you kidding me?

CLEVEAND, OH - Less than 24 hours after losing a heartbreaker to a Bulls team full of last year's Cavs rejects, the boys in Gold came back to the comforts of "The Q" and beat a very good Hornets team this evening...actually let's be honest, they would have beaten the Western Conference All-Star squad tonight coming out shooting 8 of 13 from the 3-point line. Brian Winhorst always talks about unwinnable games, and this certainly would fall into that category. Second night of a back to back, no Delonte West, no Zydrunas Ilgauskas, and no idea why I'm home on a Friday night writing this article.

This team is just solid, and who doesn't like to see the entire team coming off the bench when Lebron James fakes another injury? I mean, if you're going to fake an injury after taking a routine fall, might as well have all of your boys huddle around you and try to look up there shorts...right? this Hornets team may not be the same team that won 50+ games last year, but they're still a tough matchup for the Cavs, and had already beaten them once this year. Is it just me, or does Lebron just walk right past James Posey, who for some ungodly reason Kobe Bryant can't seem to beat off the dribble?

Finally, a few quick thoughts about the end of this game:

  • With two Hornets having been kicked out of the game, did Mike Brown think it was a good idea to leave Lebron on the court? Oh yeah, he was "flirting" with a triple double.
  • Why don't the Cavs fans understand that chanting "MVP" when another Cavalier is on the free throw line just doesn't make sense? Their timing is as good as our webmaster begging for laughs on a podcast.
  • Why did nobody get in Posey's face when he tossed Mo Williams to the ground?


Rossitron said...

Let's get the party started right (I still think u guys r haterz):

2000 Shaq >>> Any year Kobe Bryant

2008 LeBron >>> Any year Kobe Bryant

Go Cavs

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