Friday, January 16, 2009

Where Are They Now: Marty Cordova

It's not often we write about baseball on, mostly because MMA has supplanted America's pastime in our books as our third favorite sport. But one of our favorite players in college was the 2001 Cleveland Indians leftfielder Marty Cordova. Not just because of his .301 batting average on a Tribe team that should have beat the 116-win Seattle Mariners (you and your 76 mile fastball can burn in hell Jaime Moyer), but because he spent more time in a tanning bed than George Hamilton. .

So what's he up to now besides not spending time in a plastic surgeon's office to make obviously needed repairs to his King of Pop looking shnoz? He's busy letting the burly Dana White outrace him in a mile with ten grand on the line. Cordova's time: 7:15. Come on Marty, I last clocked in at 6:15, and that was with me shouldering all the other writers of this site on my back.

By the way, anyone else wondering how Cordova could go from batting .216 with 7 homers to .341 and 28 homers and 131 rbi in just two years? This guy skates and guys like Jason Grimsley get caught? Nevermind his nine-seasons of mostly injury plagued ball. .

By the way, we're a day away from Henderson vs. Franklin. Get excited!


aaronjmac said...

Anyone notice what book Marty was reading on the treadmill? Looks like it's a book from James Patterson's "CROSS" series of detective novels. By all accounts (and I really mean my limited browsing in the customer reviews section of, Patterson is quickly becoming the R.L. Stine of the 2000s. What does it take to write a best seller these days?!?!? What's that you say, he's had 19 CONSECUTIVE #1 New York Times hardcover bestselling novels, and is the first author ever to be a Harvard Business School case study? Well then I say, maybe Patterson should venture out more and try to reinvent himself once and awhile.

Tom in Lakewood said...

Einar Diaz was my favorite on the 01 Tribe.

Chuck Finley was my most unfavorite

Fan of the site said...

Wow, who's more relevant than Marty Cordova in the Cleveland sports scene?

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your site. Seems like i'm one of about 7.

Anonymous said...

you try to hard to be funny this site a favor and stop posting.

Webmaster said...

I was wondering when Matt Sylvester's dad was going to chime in!

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