Thursday, February 5, 2009

There's Nothing Wrong with a Double-Double

The double-double machine has done it again. For the 31st time this season, the MVP front-runner posted double digit outputs in two key categories. Along with is incredible 52-point effort last night, James was handing out the dimes as well, adding 11 assists. It would have been interesting had James managed to grab 10 rebounds and secured his 21st triple -double.

But contrary to the original reports, he did not, because he apparently skipped coveted rebound No. 9, according to the NBA Fanhouse Blog. Check video as well
"Wallace clearly got that rebound: he had it controlled with one hand, and when David Lee got a little too close, he flipped it to LeBron. You can even hear Mike Breen say "Wallace -- the rebound," before Clyde Frazier looks at his stat monitor and sees that the scorekeeper gave it to James"

There is a precedent for taking away triple-doubles retroactively by league statisticians. In 2004, Bobby Sura intentionally missed a shot to collect a 10th rebound (as if that failed attempt needed premeditation). The NBA removed it from the books the following day.

The Plain Dealer's own Terry Pluto blasted Sura for the move and credited the NBA for doing what was right. Will he speak up this time around with similar fervor. Or will he just write another sanctimonious defense of prayer and organized religion. What do you think? We will be penning a letter to Pluto to find out where he stands on this.


Ted said...

Typical Terry Pluto.. his neverending crusade against the Sura family spans two generations.

And that's clearly not a rebound in the video.

Anonymous said...

One day... this Cavs team will get some respect.

Clearly that day has not arrived.

Webmaster said...

Oh just to let everyone know, Terry Pluto did respond via e-mail and said "I'm not getting involved with that mess." True story.

HYPOCRITE!!! Someone who knows religion, is that a sin? if not it should be. And then Terry can write about it in his faith column.

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