Thursday, January 29, 2009 Disses B.J. Mullens

COLUMBUS, OH - After just 19 games into his college career, it appears the only decision OSU center B.J. Mullens will be making this summer is whether or not to sign a lease at Olentangy Commons or to stay on-campus. That after the gold standard of NBA mock draft sites decided that the seven-footer has slipped to third in their latest 2010. As if drawing the NBA comparison to Chris Kaman wasn't bad enough, the former No. 1 projected pick in 2009 has now been bounced out of the entire draft completely.

Most expected the No. 1 ranked high school player in the country (by Rivals) to come in and make an immediate impact. Instead, he's averaging 4.5 rebounds per game, while 6'7'' Evan Turner is grabbing 7 a game. Reserve guard and blogger Mark Titus is averaging just just four less a game, but is getting thousands of more hits than Cursedcleveland and WaitingForNextYear combined.

Let's go back and take a look at what had to say about Mullens back in August of 2007, with my brief commentary in bold.

"Bigman with a smooth offensive repertoire in pre-game warmups, Enjoys contact and fights for boards fighting and getting are two remotely different things… Athletic, good explosiveness in pre-game warmups... Has a good feel for the game while he's watching from the bench... Very good post skills with the ability to face the basket and hit shots out to the perimeter which is why he's averaging 9 ppg on an NIT-bound team... Creates a big target inside Solid rebounder and, understands how to box out just like Rod Blogojevich knows hot to govern… Uses the glass well a là Tim Duncan.. and has the skin complexion of Gregg Popovich"

Considering Kosta Koufos received a lot of flack for his lack of rebounding, bat least he was putting up around 15 and 7 and 5 a game (no, not 5 assists, 5 total passes). Like Kufos, perhaps he is gearing up for a post-season run, in the NIT. At least this is one Ohio State player that Mike Conley Sr. won't have to worry about representing.


Anonymous said...

Again with the Buckeye hate???

The kid is a FRESHMAN in COLLEGE. Not everyone is Greg Oden, for crying out loud.

He'll be fine. Give Thad more than NINETEEN games to develop him!!!!!

Bill Schneider
THE Ohio State University
Class of '91

Webmaster said...

Bill, we're just praying he'll freaking stay. Same with Turner and Buford. Mullens can be a beast down the road, no doubt. I was thrilled when we got him.

Catman said...

Poor man's Mark Madsen....

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