Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So Glad This Happened...

Providence, R.I. - College basketball has certainly been interesting to watch lately...first Wayne Chism from Tennessee got tech'd up for taunting a coach, then Chase Budinger got his head stepped on, now this! Providence guard Jeff Xavier was hit in the face on his way to the hoop on January 17th, and when no foul was called his brother(who looks an awful lot like Harold Baines) went ahead and jumped over the bench and confronted the ref about the no-call.

Good for him! It was a fucking foul, the dude got hit in the face, and the 90 year old ref missed the call.
Here's what I don't get, if you're going to have a game where really fast black guys are moving up and down a court at ridiculous speeds, why would you have really slow, old, white people trying to keep up with them to ref the game? Wouldn't it make more sense to have equally fast, young black people ref the games? Or perhaps robots? Anything but old white guys...this is getting ridiculous. Conveniently for Xavier's brother Jonathan, he was out early on a drug sentence....and who didn't see this one coming. Anyhow, this idiot might have violated his parole, and could have to serve the remainder of his sentence in prison because of the incident. In reality, the ref who missed the call should be put in jail for the remainder of the sentence, and the young black dude who showed such athleticism jumping over the bench should get a paid trip to referee school.


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