Friday, February 2, 2007

Sorry Ted Johnson, You'll Get No Sympathy From Us

NEW YORK, NY - Former Pats linebacker Ted Johnson must have had a rough one-on-one with Dr. Melfi - he's now blaming Bill Bilichick for causing depression and an addiction to amphetamines. Not many people had a soft spot in their heart for Bill Bilichick during his tenure as Browns Head Coach, except for maybe Todd Philcox. With that said, don't you think Clevelanders and other members of the Browns nation have a better case than Johnson? We were subjected one winning season, a healthy diet of Metcalf up the middle and the exploits of Vinny Intercept-a-verde. Had it been available, I'm guessing Zoloft sales would have been at an all-time high in northeast Ohio during those dark years. Sad thing this point most Clevelanders would take those years back in a heartbeat. If those were the dark years, what passes as a proper euphemism for the current era?

photo courtesy of cbssportsline


The City of Cleveland said...

I hate the f@#$-ing Browns.

Tony Soprano said...

Someone want me to whack that jerk?

Bill's Son said...

Dad, start paying attention to me in between your 18-hour film sessions. Oh also, I need some money for some pot.

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