Thursday, February 1, 2007

A Fusion of Bad Football and Overweight Women

We're often criticized on this site for failing to fully cover all aspects of Cleveland sports. Well we're certainly not going to start now - and instead we'll just make fun of the local women's pro football team. The Fusion have been around since 2002, and all they've done is win - meaningless football games. You might think the video posted above is a bunch of carefully edited stills. Nope, it was actually shot in real time...that's how slow they really are.

We're actually hoping for losses this season. Not b/c we believe in failure (even though we did create a failed blog called, but b/c we're fully aware that that the Fusion need to do everything they womanly can to win the coveted Holley Mangold sweepstakes. We have formally applied for press credentials, but are still unclear how the whole "reporters in the locker room" thing will work. I can guarantee you this though: If ever there was a women's locker room we wanted no part of, this would obviously be it. OK, we're obviously lying.


Dave MacK said...

The Fusion might be Ben McCarty's chance to showcase his wide receiver abilities, along with countless ex-football player wannabe's.

Charlie Frye said...

Hey, finally a league I can compete in.

Nick Mangold said...

Stop making fun of my sister. She'll find you and kill you. She wears my underwear sometimes.

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