Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"Stern" Punishment for Unintentional Elbow

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Tonight, arguably the league's best all-around player was sidelined due to a one game suspension which resulted from the play shown above (Keep in mind, Kevin Garnett was recently also given a 1 game suspension for actually looking at Antonio McDyess, then winding up, and then throwing the girliest punch I've ever seen at him). Greg Anthony said he disagreed with the suspension, Tim Legler said it wasn't even a foul (Which the referees agreed with by going ahead and not calling one), and even Kobe Bryant's accuser didn't think he was guilty of this particular crime. Fans at Madison Square Garden have displayed the utmost respect for the superstar over the past few years, and even chanted MVP for him during a 40 point performance last year. This evening, during intros before the game, the crowd booed when it was announced that Bryant wouldn't be playing (They also booed when the p.a. announcer confirmed that the same overpaid underachievers were suited up for the Knicks). Fans who had purchased tickets to this game before the phantom suspension should be given their money back to make up for this disaster. Or better yet, David Stern could autograph some of the new basketballs that he implemented and later withdrew from the league after nearly every player complained, and then personally mail them to the ticket holders. What's next?...suspensions stemming from yelling too loud? How 'bout dunking too hard? The bottom line here is this: Just last night Kobe decided to give back to the NBA and it's fans by entering the Skills Challenge (Almost entered the Dunk Contest as well), and less than 24 hours later commissioner Stern decided to take a potential win away from the Lakers, and take a fan-favorite away from the greatest stage in the NBA.


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