Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Someone actually WANTS to play for the Browns?

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CLEVELAND, OHIO - How good would this guy look wearing orange and brown? Well, according to Sports Illustrated, Heisman trophy winner Troy Smith has been taped as saying he'd like to be drafted by the Browns and give back to the community that he grew up in (Think about this Browns fans, there is actually someone who wants to be a part of this team!). Smith has his critics, and a lot of experts have him being drafted in the second or third rounds. His height is an obvious issue (So is the fact that he played poorly in the National Championship game against Florida, a team that made JaMarcus Russell look equally silly if not worse by picking off three of his passes and sacking him repeatedly), and the fact that he played in a spread offense has scouts wondering if he can be consistent under center. Granted, with the Browns picking at either 3 or 4 overall, taking a guy like Smith who's being billed as a "Project" would be tough to rationalize. However, if he's still there in the second round, who could really argue with drafting a quarterback who is a hometown fan favorite, actually is lobbying to be drafted by the Browns, and has proven to be a winner throughout his college career? (Although, I seem to recall trying this same idea out on a little white-trash treasure from Akron two years ago, and we still don't have conclusive positive results on that one)


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