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SOMEONE ELSE'S BASEMENT - is finally making the media rounds this week, as it granted its first one-on-one interview interview with rival site It's the type of crossover you'd see between CSI and Without a Trace, only without the humor. tackled the tough questions in this no-holds-barred back and forth, such as "what's your favorite food?" and "why does nobody read you?" leaves a couple stones unturned in this interview, but does waste little time going after the usual suspects: LeBron, Dana Plato, and Ghandi. For your reading pleasure, he's an excerpt:

1. First off I have to say I’m a huge fan. Please tell me that is going to stick around for awhile this time, and if not please let Clown buy it and then hire you as a writer.

A: As a site looking to “take off” I guess it wasn’t smart to base our posting frequency off of LOST’S programming schedule. But hey, at least we come up with more new material than Frank Caliendo.

Jerk of the Month - January


clown said...

you could've closed the link

Webmaster said...

Clown, that was the joke.

clown said...

I'm just saying I'd rather go with Brazzers than

thecollegehockeyblog said...

The guy who asked you those questions was a total lame-o

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