Thursday, January 22, 2009


Mo Williams carries the Cavs in the fourth. Mo and LeBron torch Blazers

We're about to be "Kokinis-ed" sometime in the near future. I feel like the Plain Dealer is taking a cue from LOST and it just traveled back in time. GM announcement to come soon

No Best Picture nod for Dark Knight. Probably because of the three things: A) horrendous post production of Batman's voice; B) contrived application of the prisoner's dilemma; C) the awful wiretapping solution to the movie that's solved in less than 30 seconds. Oscar nominations

Hello friends. I'm a vanilla broadcaster who doesn't have a take on anything. I'd rather be calling a PGA even in January than anthing else - and I've ruined March Madness with my uninspired calls. Nance has faith in Mangini

The Browns currently have two offensive coordinators under contract, yet made all sorts of cuts within the staffing: Browns handling personnel choices poorly

Stripper named Tiara kicked patron in the face. Now being sued for $25,000. Claim should be paid out in ones. Man sues Akron strip club

I wasn't completely thrilled last night with LOST. Does anyone really think Hurly could just escape officers on a stake out by just exiting the rear? (I guess I'll susped belief for time travel, dimensional shifts, and smoke monsters, but not standard police procedural storylines) Here's EW's recap


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