Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Ramblings

CLEVELAND, OH - I can't even explain how happy I am to see Donovan McNabb out of the playoffs again, and one can't help but wonder if this game would have gone a different way had he not borrowed Derek Anderson's touch on every short pass he threw today. For a Browns fan, this time of year is usually very difficult. You're not sure whether or not to even watch football and if you do, the games are usually disappointing. Typically, Sundays in January are spent hungover, reading disgustingly uneducated articles by the likes of Terry Pluto (or watching videos of high school girls on facebook....or both). This Sunday, I watched an inspired Cardinals team with hands down the best receiver on the planet knock out my second most hated team in the NFL.

It kills me to hear analysts talk about how good Brian Westbrook is. The guy has been useless this postseason, just as he would be in any other system besides the West Coast offense that allows you to win games with Arena League receivers like Hank Baskett. Am I the only one who's happy to see Kurt Warner headed back to the Super Bowl? Typically, is not much for praising players, but this is just a genuinely good guy who deserves all of the success he gets. He's smart, handsome, and if you're going through one of those self-checkout lines at the grocery store what better guy to have with you?


Webmaster said...

Smith, you're not helping me get an interview podcast with Terry Pluto anytime soon with those types of shots.

Taylor said...

As long as the Steelers don't win it all, I am happy

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