Friday, January 23, 2009

Now THIS is Funny!

Melbourne, Australia - According to reports, the wildebeast sisters had a run in with a streaker in the middle of their doubles match today. Apparently the man was wearing nothing but a shirt, and had a few dance moves to show off to the crowd before running towards an exit. When interviewed after the match concluded, Venus Williams said "I can't believe that guy's penis was bigger than Serena's!" Serena nodded. These two muscle bound freaks haven't seen a naked man in years, god bless this guy for trying to keep them from being full on lesbians. Oh yea, they won the match, you know because they're bigger and stronger than all the other women are....and most of the men are.


aaeonjmac said...

What's even more funny is that the losers down the bar from me at Buffalo Wild Wings last night, A)didn't have the mental capacity or global awareness to understand that the Jelena Jankovic third round match against Ai Sugiyama was LIVE from Australia, even though one guy was rooting for green: "yeah green that shot was in" and one was rooting for white, "dude settle down this is tape delayed!", and B)seemed to be bragging about the fact that their buddy's bachelor party was this weekend and they would be spending all weekend ice fishing. I hope they fall in the lake and freeze/drown to death.

aaronjmac said...

i can't spell my own name apparently

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