Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So those were the two best players in the game? That game looked more like Justin Leonard taking on Corey Pavin in some Shell Wide World of Golf match play tourney. Both these guys stink! Then afterwards LeBron took veiled shot at his teammates: "We both took the challenge on guarding each other, their team just made more plays...they have more talent than just Kobe Bryant, they have a lot of guys." PD's writeup of last night's embarrassment

By the way, more on this later - but the numbers are in, and Kobe guarded LeBron 50% more than the other way around last night. Here's the LA Times version.

So I read this whole article about Shin-Soo Choo, and this stuck out at me: "Hitting coach Derek Shelton doesn't think the WBC will hurt Choo" Wait, Shelton's still our hitting coach? Choo playing for Korean team in WBC

Tressel is teling Taj Boyd all sorts of interesting tales. Two-QB system enticing to recruit

Read between the lines about OSU B'ball's newfound chemistry this season: Koufos and Butler were diasters in the lockerroom last year. Buckeyes enjoy company

Free tuition at Toledo. Something tells me kids are still getting ripped of. Free tuition offer


Anonymous said...

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ShaneVendrell said...

Needs more me.

ShaneVendrell said...

And when I say "me" I really mean more bad writing

ShaneVendrell said...

Looks like we have an imposter in the house eh?? Just when I thought the vagina level couldn't get any higher you go and do something like this..all you gotta do now is get that 'B' for blogger in the left hand corner of your posts and you can be just like me!

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