Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tajh Boyd Bails on OSU

COLUMBUS - The last remaining prized QB recruit in this year's class chose Clemson over Ohio State and Oregon. Although this guy commits to a football program like Lindsey Lohan commits to a sexual orientation. It's the third team he's decided to play for in the last year, originally picking West Virginia then Tennessee. The message boards are understandably in meltdown mode, and all this hysteria over an athlete coming off a torn ACL.

Buckeyes now go into next season with only two quarterbacks on scholarship (although one watching the Fiesta Bowl might think otherwise considering the ducks flying out of Terrelle Pryor's arm - when he wasn't running out of bounds four yards short of the first down marker). Pryor's highly publicized last-minute announcement notwithstanding, Jim Tressel is turning into a worse closer than Jack Lemmon in Glengarry Glen Ross, remember how he lost Josh Jenkins to... umm.. West Virginia last year? Remember Fred Davis from USC?

Although tough to be too critical considering OSU's class is ranked 2nd on Scout and 3rd on Rivals. But if you're looking for optimism, you should have never left BuckeyeCommentary. I'm sure they'll tell you that the Buckeyes weren't blown out against LSU.


Buckeye Bob said...

How does this loss of Boyd affect OSU losing future bowl games?

Anonymous said...

You guys are a bunch of fucking haters. We at Buckeye Commentary are true Buckeye fans. I've lurked at this site occasionally, and all I see is anti-Buck rhetoric. It needs to stop!

-Bill Schneider
The Ohio State University
Class of '91

Webmaster said...

Oh get ahold of yourself BILLLL.

We've been extremely fair with our Buckeye analysis.

Like when we said Oden was the most dominant player to dominate nothing

or when we said that Hartline taking his mediorcity to the NFL

Or when we said Tressel shouldn't have formulated a gameplan around a 5'11 QB

As a Buckeye fan and graduate (if my diploma is even worth anything) I'm appalled and offended by your insensitive remarks.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonn "bail" on this site

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