Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Mo Williams making his case for an all-star bid, LeBron goes triple and dub in win, but Kings score 110 and shoot 50 percent. No defense, no problem.

"Opposing coaches this season have praised Ohio State's matchup zone as one of the best in the country. " Well considering even Temple isn't playing matchup zone, that shows how effective this junk defense really is. Matta won't change philosophy.

In wake of Boyd's defection, Buckeyes going after Miami of Ohio commit. How the mighty have fallen. Are we sure they've scoured the rest of the MAC for able throwers? Buckeyes offer Austin Boucher.

Wedge says Ryan Garko will be playing some outfield. According to Garko's wiki - his favorite NBA team is the Lakers. Just putting it out there. Indians Insider.

OSU vs Michigan has been relegated to the Big Ten Network, again. Despite OSU cancellation, game is on.


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