Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Script Obama

WASHINGTON DC - Even though Ohio State may not still have the best damn team in the land (or even one of the top ten damn teams apparently), they still do have the Best Damn Band In the Land. TBDBITL appeared in our nation's capital for some tiny, understated presidential ceremony that went largely unnoticed, as it was nowhere to be found on Nickelodeon or the SciFi Channel (although you'd think having a black President would make for a great science fiction movie someday). Nice to see our band actually play the Buckeye Battlecry and Across the Field after a January Win.

And can someone please tell me why the school with the largest athletics budget in the country couldn't fly their team out for the USC game? Although it did turn out to be a sound fiscal decision considering how many times we would have heard the post-scoring fight song.


aaronjmac said...

At least they got the words right, unlike Chief Justice John G. Roberts. And on another note who shot this low quality video straight off their TV screen? Not only that but they were watching C-Span! What kind of boring stiffs did they have doing the play by play for that broadcast??!! Jon Miller and Joe Morgan? Not that Katie did any better, I'm glad that by 10 minutes to 6 she finally figured out who the President was.

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