Sunday, January 25, 2009

Crater Caught With Cannabis Noopy Nabbed With Narcotics

TAMPA BAY, FLORIDA - Proving that it's never a good omen if your recruiting picture (located above) looks like a mug shot, former Buckeye Anthony Crater was arrested Friday night with weed. At one point in high school, the South Florida Bull was considered one of the best point guard recruits in the country. After his commitment to OSU, his status took a plunge worse than US Airways Flight 1549, going from a five-star recruit, down to four-stars, then three-stars, and now apparently down to a one-hitter.

He left the Buckeyes after just 10 games when it proved to be too difficult to beat out a couple below average JUCO transfers. Thad Matta had constantly urged the freshman to value possession of the basketball. Looks like he got the possession part down.


Anonymous said...

Were you high when you were writing this Webmaster? Funny post, but misspelled words everywhere. Mrs. Dingman would NOT be happy.

Webmaster said...

It's really difficult to proofread hilarity.

BuckeyeBob said...

This team is going nowhere fast. nice coaching today Thad, keep playing zone

aaronjmac said...

Best post ever. I'll forgive you for only posting once today because this post's quality was probably as fantastic as blazing up some white widow while listening to Brewer and Shipley.

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