Monday, January 26, 2009


The Kokinis era begins and Tony Grossi is vindicated. Browns name new GM.

This article marks the first time a white reporter has ever entered this up-scale hair salon. (editor's note, I went to the Major League Barber's myspace, and came up with the following picture and subsequent caption - make sure to click on the scrilla yo).

Day after monster truck promoter touts event's safety, he's crushed and killed by Bigfoot, Gravedigger, Boogey Van, Rampage, Carolina Crusher Bearfoot , Sampson.

Last night on Wall to Wall Sports in Columbus, Bill Kurelic says his money is on OSU to sign Taj Boyd. Oregon and Clemson message boards claim it's a done deal to their schools. Gotta love recruiting. Boyd to announce tomorrow.

OSU's 2-2 defensive zone needs some tweaking. Perhpas adding a fifth defender would help. Zone picked apart.


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