Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cavaliers To Add Reggie Miller?

CLEVELAND - You might have missed this little nugget towards the end of Brian Windhorst's column this week (ironically someone who's never missed a nugget) -

"TNT announcer Reggie Miller said on Dan Patrick's radio show Monday afternoon that the Cavs had talked to him about coming out of retirement and playing for them. The Cavs declined to comment on Monday. "

It's not suprising that most probably missed this, considering the Fabulous Sports Babe has more listeners at this point. With Michael Redd going down for the season, is this the direction the Cavs would really want to go at this point? He's been out of the league for three and a half years (although he's hit only one less buzzer beater in that same timespan as LeBron).

Could this be a tactical move by the Cavs brass to bring it someone who will actually fued with Kobe, as opposed to usual pleasantries offered by LeBron towards other players not named DeShawn Stephenson? Unless the NBA adapts MTV's Rock and Jock 50-point basket (sadly no link despite our best efforts), we'd advise the wine and gold to move on. Although we must admit that the prospect of having two of the worst shooting forms in the league in the same backcourt would be appealing.

Here's the less funny but more factual version from WatingForNextYear.com.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't it "Rock and Jock"?? Rock and Shock sounds like a technique used in Israeli POW camps...

thecollegehockeyblog said...

what is with Reggie's gay ass tattoo?

lexington steele said...

I'll show you what a rock and shock is.

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