Wednesday, February 11, 2009

LeBron James Denies Steroid Use

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - In the era of performance-enhancing drugs, every athlete's weight fluctuations on a year-to-year basis come with an enormity of speculation. Yet, somehow, NBA players have always been immune to the type of skepticism that accompanies mass gain or loss for other athletes in other sports. With PEDs dominating the headlines since Canseco penned his first ever subject-predicate sequence, it's a little shocking that nobody has every directly asked LeBron James if his roughly 4o-pound weight gain had anything to do with the same doping that was running rampant in every other sport. Was the guy going to have to travel back in time and put on a Texas Rangers jersey for someone to actually ask some questions?

Well after five years in the league, it took an Indianapolis Star writer (former Cleveland PD writer Bob Kravitz) to pop the question of pill popping. Here was the King's answer:
"I could never see myself doing anything to get an edge by using something that's banned,'' James said before Tuesday night's wild 96-95 Indiana Pacers' victory over James' Cleveland Cavaliers at Conseco Fieldhouse. "I would never put myself in that position. There are way too many kids who look up to me, who look up to the guys around us who believe we're heroes.

"I could never do anything like that to change the way a kid thinks about me as an individual. I couldn't do it.''

So James joins Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Miguel Tajada, Roger Clemens, Andy Pettite, Jason Giambi, Alex Rodriguez, Ken Caminiti, and Rafael Palmeiro, on a growing list of players who have denied steroid usage. It's obvious that Bron has been immune to these types of allegations because his muscle gain could be dismissed as a growth spurt. He's 24 years old and it looks like he's finally stopped cycling growing.

So, now it's out there. LeBron is on record as saying he would never take steroids in the future. Although if you look closely at the quote, he didn't exactly deny taking them in the past. Which if we've learned anything from Rafael Palmeiro or A-Rod, it's to leave some wiggle room, oh and to make sure not to stack winstrol and dianaball concurrently during the 2nd cycle. Obviously.


Anonymous said...

What about Dwight Howard??

Anonymous said...

Daniel Gibson has put on a lot of weight too!

Buckeye Bill said...

Karl Malone and Scottie Pippen were definitely on roids at the end of their careers.

Anonymous said...

Yall just hatin again, i c how it izz.

Anonymous said...

hahahah. Daniel Gibson??? lol come on dont kid yourself

Anonymous said...

I think Manute Bol was stacking Deca-Bibol for years.

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