Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Alex Rodriguez is Dominating SportsCenter

CHOCOLATE FACTORY - Since I haven't been able to see any normal sports coverage on my favorite show due to this mess, I thought I'd put down a few words about it. Apparently Alex Rodriguez took the only known strand of performance enhancing drugs that makes you hit home runs, hit for a high percentage, and look a whole heck of a lot like an Oompa Loompa. Somewhere along the way, ESPN decided that it would be a great idea to hold all of their interviews under some sort of weird orange light, making the people being interviewed look absolutely repulsive. First, Ken Whisenhunt was interviewed during the week of the Super Bowl, and this crazy light made his front teeth resemble those of Captain Jack Sparrow, and now this

Now back to A-Rod, or A-Fraud as these oh so witty columnists have dubbed him. Not that my humble opinion means anything in the least, but this guy has been one of the worst post-season hitters greatest hitters ever to play the game. So he took some performance enhancing drugs, we get it. So did half the damn league, and you know what...it made this miserably boring game a tad bit more exciting for a while there. In fact, since the "Steroid Era" ended, there have been less homeruns, considerably less excitement and fewer domestic violence cases off the field. This is not a recipe for success.

Having watched the interview with Peter Gammons, I do genuinely feel that Rodriguez is sincere in his apology. You can't fake those awkward facial expressions and near breakdowns. Is it fair that this guy has to take the heat while 103 players who tested positive remain anonymous? No, it isn't. When asked about this, A-Rod said he didn't care about anyone else and wouldn't comment, which is absolutely the correct thing to do. Be a man, accept that what you did was wrong, and don't go blaming others like Jose Canseco did. If I could eliminate one person from the universe it would be Canseco, what a lowlife this guy is. Unfortunately he wasn't able to save enough money from his overrated career, so he had to go making things up about all of the players who were better than he was to make a few extra bucks to afford all of that hair gel. A-Rod, CursedCleveland.com salutes you for taking steroids, and admitting to it, and hitting homeruns, and banging Madonna, and being handsome, and not liking Derek Jeter.


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Cursedcleveland.com was my last bastion for a-rod free sports content, thanks for ruining that.

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