Monday, February 9, 2009


LeBron's homage to Jason Kidd went a little too far last night going 16-12-8 night on 5 of 20 shooting. Not that Kobe was that much better. (we hope to have more on this.. Rossistron? Hello?)

Tigers Woods' wife gives berth to son. We'll monitor this situation closely as he'll attempt to become most successful white golfer in PGA history.

Terrible effort last night for the Lake Erie Monsters. Why do we think it's important? Well apparently WKNR did, as they aired the AHL game over Cavaliers post-game show.

David Lighty's return to the OSU lineup is not looking good. It's looking for like he'll be a part of the next Thad 5, in 2010. OSU insider

Chris Brown has a funny way of doubling one's pleasure... as he allegedly sent Rihanna to rehab. Chris Brown investigated


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