Wednesday, February 11, 2009


LeBron after the game talks about the controversial call:
"The last call against me? Not questionable at all. No contact was made." LeBron's memory is starting to rival that of Ronald Reagan's towards the late stages of his life. Bad call, but he made contact.

LeBron denies steroid use. I guess we should take him at his word, right? More on this later.

Shaq says Kobe is the best player in the NBA, again. The girl Kobe raped also thinks Kobe is the best. This is like Obsama Bin Laden saying George Bush is the best president ever.

Does Ohio State have ANY non-white players? Look at photo above! OSU Coach talks about is slow white players offensive line.

David Light's return is now officially doubtful.

Chris Brown's music has been pulled from Kiss FM
. Imagine if Z107.9 pulled all the music associated with criminal behavior. You'd cease to have a station.


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