Monday, February 9, 2009

Dirty Bird

GEORGIA - reported today that we've got another post-NFL success story on our hands. Former Falcons overrated running back Jamal Anderson, creator of the famed "Dirty Bird" endzone celebration, was arrested with cocaine and marijuana at a night club Saturday night. The best part about this story is that someone heard the sniffing from the bathroom stall, and snitched to an undercover police officer. When the officer went to check it out, he peered over a locked stall to find Anderson and a 20 year old dude sniffing lines of cocaine off the back of a public toilet.
. God bless drugs, I won't even sit on a public toilet seat, and these assholes are sniffing in cocaine off of something that drunk people pee all over. I'm guessing that this may negatively effect his career as an analyst for ESPN...however Michael Irvin did more cocaine than any NFL player(or coke-head) ever has and he's still got a job with 'em so who knows.


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