Monday, February 9, 2009

The Lakers Own the East

LOS ANGELES - Nobody expected this...not even the writers here at, who are more obsessed with the Lakers than teenage girls Jack Nicholson. A 6-0 Eastern Conference road trip, with wins over the Celtics & Cavaliers headlining this streak. The Lakers are now 4-0 against the Cavs & Lakers combined, and have broken all sorts of streaks along the way. They dismantled a 19-game winning streak of the Celts, another 12 gamer last Thursday, and most recently snapped the Cavs unbeaten streak at "The Q.

They've done this by becoming tougher on the defensive end, and the killer part is that they lost Andrew Bynum possibly for the season, and have shown that they are still dominant without their injury prone 7 footer. Yesterday afternoon, Lamar Odom remembered that he's 6'10" and should be dominating smaller players in the paint instead of running around out of control and slamming layups off the backboard. Kobe was hampered by the flu, and Gasol didn't play well at all, and the Lakers still left Cleveland with a 10 point victory. Of course, it helped that LeBron went 5 for 20 and seemed to forget how to finish at the basket. He also forgot that when you get a mismatch, it's not real effective to take advantage of that by shooting fadeaways to bail out the defense. Oh well, everyone is entitled to a bad game...this was his.

Clearly, LeBron has had a stronger first half of the season than Kobe. However Cleveland fans, yesterday was the most hyped game of the season, and LeBron laid an egg. MVP voters will now look at Kobe Bryant, who will play possibly the rest of the way without his center, and how could they not give him the MVP if the Lakers finish with the best record in basketball? It would be a shame, but this award never does make sense. First Mo Williams was snubbed twice, will LeBron be next?

In related news, Vladimir Radmanovic, best known for nearly hitting the rafters with every shot attempt, came out and said that "Role players do nothing in Phil Jackson's system." Interesting notion, considering Jordan Farmar, Trevor Ariza, Luke Walton & Sasha Vujacic seem to thrive as role players in this system. Maybe what he meant to say was "Bad players do nothing in this system." Radmanovic is another 6'10" guy who can't defend, and sits behind the arc waiting to launch open threes...a real hot commodity in the NBA. Perhaps he'll have more fun playing on a terrible team that will be down by 20 all the time, thus making his role more important.


Anonymous said...

y not vote for Kobe? 1 he's a piece of shit 2 Lebron is still maturing so how bout y'all stop snubbing LBJ The King cuz if you give him 2-3 years he will be a beast even more than he all ready is and he'll own the League

Anonymous said...

Kobe has nowhere to go from here but downhill honestly y'all still need Shaq if y'all want another championship Shaq carried the Lakers when he played for them and Kobe i can't believe i'm saying this but had a good supporting cast while Shaq was there sorry but Kobe can't carry the Lakers on his own what do y'all think that Kobe is God? well newsflash Kobe is far from God

Anonymous said...

Magic 2-0 versus the Lakers.

Webmaster said...

Yeah but those losses to Orlando were before the Vlad Rad trade, they're clearly a different team now.

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