Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Brett Favre is Retiring...Again

NEW YORK - Well in continuing with the saga that has ruined episodes of sportscenter for the past 3 years, Brett Favre has decided to go ahead and... WHO CARES! The only way I could be less interested in this guy would be if he had penises growing off of his face. This time, he didn't put on the big production, instead having his agent break the news to the Jets. I'd like to personally thank Brett for this, as I won't have to see him crying on television and hear all of the former average NFL players ESPN Analysts give their take on whether he'll actually be back. At this point it is unclear whether or not Favre will be issuing a public apology to Eric Mangini for costing him his job, thus resulting in him coming to Cleveland.


Rossitron said...

3 years? This has ruined Sportscenter for at least 12 years. Forget this guy.

aaronjmac said...

I'll take July 16th in the "Day Brett Favre un-retires" pool.

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