Friday, January 30, 2009

Mike Bianchi Does His Best Impression

ORLANDO, FL - As if last night's drubbing at the hands of the Magic wasn't bad enough, now their hometown columnist is doing the obligatory LeBron-is-gone column. He writes from experience, as he attempted to document

"Remember when Shaq bolted Orlando for Tinseltown because he wanted to make movies and hobnob with the stars in Hollywood? Just another reason for Clevelanders to worry about LeBron signing with the Knicks... It's bad enough the Browns stink, the Indians haven't won a World Series in 60 years and Cleveland is now being battered with near-record snowfall. Now fans have to dread the day they wake up and read the headline: "LeBron Is Gone!"

Alright buddy, you know damn well that Skip Bayless, CursedCleveland, Soulja Boy, DeShawn Stevenson and sometimes Bud Shaw have the monopoly on LeBron bashing and/or ruminating about his eventual departure. But Bianchi missed out on some key similarites between Shaq and the King.

Both are terrible free throw shooters.

Both are so physically dominant that the NBA has no idea how to officiate them

Both defer to Kobe in late game situations when the NBA Title or olympic gold medal is on the line.

But I digress. Bianchi also brought up how LeBron failed to sign the full extension allotted to him. The consensus around the league was that it was a business-savvy decision to capitalize on a new collective bargaining agreement and to make more money down the road, and that all other stars would follow suit (which Dwyane Wade did) . However, Dwight Howard opted to sign the full five year extension, the same one available to LeBron. He said right there and then that he wanted to retire an Orlando Magic, something LeBron has never said (about Orlando or Cleveland).

I don't spend too much time worrying about whether or not LeBron will stay or go (despite the half hour it took me to write this entry). But the fact remains, when all is said and done, LeBron's #23 will be the eighth jersey added to the rafters at the Q (Big Z will be the 7th, and can you believe a team that's only been to the finals once in its history has more retired numbers than Ohio State football?).
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Santonio Holmes Reveals Even More

TAMPA BAY, FLA - It's been a pretty tame Super Bowl week, with the exception of Steelers WR Santonio Holmes not-so-shocking admission that he sold drugs when he was in school:

"My friends were always doing it, and I felt comfortable doing it at the time," Holmes said. "As the years (passed), I just felt like that wasn't what I wanted to do. I wanted to play football. I don't want to end up like a lot of my friends: in jail, standing on the corner, not going to school."

The story goes on to say that Holmes avoided detection by going to school then heading out to sell. That's for all you Tressel haters that say his kids don't go to class! We're wondering how Holmes was able to differentiate between a corner route and a street corner

And because we've been labeled as Buckeye apologists on this site, here's some negativity: When I think Santonio Holmes and his Ohio State career, it still amazes me that a team with Holmes, Ginn, Pittman and Troy Smith running the show managed a whopping 10 points in Happy Valley and couldn't break into the top 20 offenses in college football that year. I still argue that talent wise, it was Tressel's best team and it should have won a title. Nice job Ryan Hamby and Jim Bollman.
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Cavs really demonstrated their outrage last night over Wiliams all-star snub, by getting outplayed in every facet of the game. Jameer Nelson went 4-6 from three. Cavs livid.

LeCharles Bentley greets each camper with 10 second highlight reel of his Browns career. Bentley opens up lineman academy.

If Bruce Arians could get another shot, why not Mo Carthon? Former coordinator wants another shot.

Some more recruits OSU probably won't be getting as we get closer to NLOID. Bucks seek two more prospects.

"I'm not knocking teams that take lots of transfers," he said. "It has worked very well for Kent State, and I still can't believe all the success they've had over the years. But I wanted to try it this way." Love backhanded compliments from Damrot. Zips succeed without JUCO transfers.

Not sure if this documentary on OSU fandom is a drama, a comedy, or a horror film. Across the field.
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cavs drop a heartbreaker...

ORLANDO, FL - The Cavs came out strong tonight, but simply couldn't keep up the intensity in the second half to hold off the Magic. It didn't help matters that these assholes couldn't miss, and shot 31 three pointers, cashing in on 11 of them. Wally Sczerbiak played a spirited first half, and when's the last time you remember seeing 4 consecutive possessions with a "Wally Iso" play called?...had to be some time in middle school. Lebron played a terrible game, going 10 of 27 from the floor, but this is mostly in part to my pregame article jinxing him in this contest.

Tiger Woods was in attendance, and was sporting the first Nike shirt ever made. He must have been happy with the way his hometown squad played, and is probably also happy to be going home to one of the hottest girls on the planet right now. Mike Brown was t'd up in the 3rd quarter after LeBron got fouled for the 50th time and didn't get the call, and it was all downhill from there. The Magic went on a 12-0 run at the end of the 3rd quarter and into the 4th, and the Cavs never recovered. Tarence Kinsey, who's packing a pair of bird legs that rival only those of Daffy Duck, was injured late in the game after valiantly tripping over himself, which adds to the depth problems that the Cavs have been dealing with of late.

It should be nice to get Big Z back tomorrow night against the helpless Clippers, who recently got Baron Davis and Marcus Camby back from injuries. Like I said earlier, this was a tough game for the Cavs, and things will be different next time they play with their full squad. On a positive note, I picked the Magic in ESPN's Streak for the Cash tonight, and don't look now but somebody's got a 3 game streak going!
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COLUMBUS, OH - After just 19 games into his college career, it appears the only decision OSU center B.J. Mullens will be making this summer is whether or not to sign a lease at Olentangy Commons or to stay on-campus. That after the gold standard of NBA mock draft sites decided that the seven-footer has slipped to third in their latest 2010. As if drawing the NBA comparison to Chris Kaman wasn't bad enough, the former No. 1 projected pick in 2009 has now been bounced out of the entire draft completely.

Most expected the No. 1 ranked high school player in the country (by Rivals) to come in and make an immediate impact. Instead, he's averaging 4.5 rebounds per game, while 6'7'' Evan Turner is grabbing 7 a game. Reserve guard and blogger Mark Titus is averaging just just four less a game, but is getting thousands of more hits than Cursedcleveland and WaitingForNextYear combined.

Let's go back and take a look at what had to say about Mullens back in August of 2007, with my brief commentary in bold.

"Bigman with a smooth offensive repertoire in pre-game warmups, Enjoys contact and fights for boards fighting and getting are two remotely different things… Athletic, good explosiveness in pre-game warmups... Has a good feel for the game while he's watching from the bench... Very good post skills with the ability to face the basket and hit shots out to the perimeter which is why he's averaging 9 ppg on an NIT-bound team... Creates a big target inside Solid rebounder and, understands how to box out just like Rod Blogojevich knows hot to govern… Uses the glass well a là Tim Duncan.. and has the skin complexion of Gregg Popovich"

Considering Kosta Koufos received a lot of flack for his lack of rebounding, bat least he was putting up around 15 and 7 and 5 a game (no, not 5 assists, 5 total passes). Like Kufos, perhaps he is gearing up for a post-season run, in the NIT. At least this is one Ohio State player that Mike Conley Sr. won't have to worry about representing.
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Cavs have a big game tonight...

ORLANDO, FLORIDA - The Cavs travel out of this miserable weather tonight to Amway Arena to take on what Danny Granger says is "The best team in the East." You know who isn't the best team in the East, or anywhere close? You guessed it, the Pacers. Perhaps there was some serious damage done to Granger's brain when he had his front teeth smashed out a few months ago. Anyhow, back to the Cavs, who can make a statement tonight by defeating a team that has owned them of late. Orlando has won 4 of 5 against the wine & gold, and this is despite the fact that Bron has averaged 29, 10 & 9 against them last year.

Let's not read too much into tonight's result, the Cavs have nothing to lose here. They're going on the road, without their center and starting two guard to face one of the league's hottest teams. If they lose, they've got those crutches, and if they win it's a huge psychological boost for this team. Bench points will be something to watch for tonight, as Orlando's bench is very weak and they play a short rotation. LeBron has dominated the past two games, and pretty much all year long, and if he and Mo Williams show up tonight like they did against Sacramento, it might not matter who else is on the floor with them. The Cavs will look to some young players, J.J. Hickson will likely be used to put a body on Dwight Howard through certain stretches. Stay tuned to for post-game thoughts.
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Simply Inferior

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - Ok, so I did it, I stayed up until 3:30 Eastern Time to watch this matchup last night, and I can hardly keep my eyes open at the moment. I thought about doing a live blog, but I was hardly awake and at that time if you're not a free porn site you can't expect many hits. The best part of the entire broadcast was Dick Enberg's montage at the beginning, giving fans of Roddick a glimmer of hope that this may be the year that he turns the corner. This reminds me, should anyone besides Dick Enberg, Brent Musberger or Bob Costas be allowed to do the monologues for big sporting events? These guys could make you excited to watch a wheelchair badminton tournament.

Back to Roddick vs. Federer...this matchup is one that is incredibly intriguing and I can't figure out why. Federer has been so dominant that it makes me wonder why Andy hasn't just quit the game all together. Yet, every year he works harder, comes back with some new coach or body style, and gets his ass kicked again. I think what makes Roddick so likeable is his immaturity, he's always so quick to tell an umpire to "Have some sack, dude" like he did last night, horrifying the announcers on the live broadcast. He's human. He has flaws, other than his weak ass looping forehand that Federer owns. It's a feeling Cleveland Browns fans know well, you know...playing against a bitter rival that is superior to you in every sense. The Brownies, much like Roddick, show signs that they can compete, but then a clutch situation arrives and the dominance returns. Roethlisberger will roll out of a sure sack and complete a first down pass, right as Federer is hitting an impossible passing shot that leaves the announcers screaming "Come on, that's just not fair." It's disheartening, and difficult to watch at times.
Federer may be the coolest man on the planet. He does nothing but praise Roddick, make fun of Djokovic, and beat on everyone in his path (Well except for Nadal, who he'll face in the title game unless something ridiculous happens). He is gracious in victory and defeat, quiet tempered, and so calm under pressure he almost seems like a robot. I want to hate this guy, for continually knocking the most entertaining player in the sport out of majors, and embarassing him in the process, but I simply can't. He's just a nice guy, he and Kurt Warner should go fishing next week after the Super Bowl and just talk about puppies and rainbows and peace on earth.
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The braintrust of Carmen Policy and Dwight Clark somehow missed out on Kurt Warner back in 1999. Didn't Kendall Lewis want Akili Smith? Nobody was listening to it didn't matter. Bypassed by Browns.

Danny Granger says the Magic are the best team in the East "hands down." He gave interview while taking an ill-advised shot. He's no Magic act.

A Maurice Carthon-coached team is in the Super Bowl. I guess that's what happens when your backfield doesn't consist of Trent Dilfer and Reuben Droughns. Carthon lands on feet.

Study shows rape numbers dropping linked to internet pornography. We can't speak for any other website, but we know we haven't raped anyone in awhile. In defense of internet pornography.

Miami of Ohio recruit turns down Tressel. Have they checked with Mount Union yet? Austin Boucher turns down Ohio State.

Iraqi presidents to visit OSU. Columbus student will show them what burning possessions and terrorizing opposing fan bases is all about.

Patrick McManamon takes break from trashing Browns to tell us that concussions take toll on NFL players.
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Obvious Choice

OAKLAND, CA - Tom Cable has officially been named the head coach of the illustrious Oakland Raiders. Cable was named the interim coach after the sudden firing of Lane Kiffin earlier this season. This latest move has Raider fans holding their head like they just finished running suicides. Clearly Al Davis saw the recent hirings...and thought it would be best to hire a coach without any coordinator experience at the NFL level. Tom Cable was the head coach at the University of Idaho, his alma mater, from 2000–2003. At Idaho, Cable compiled a record of 11–35 (.239) in four straight losing seasons. The Vandals surprisingly did not renew Cable's contract at the conclusion of the 2003 season, and he quickly parlayed his success to become the offensive line coach for the Raiders.

Who didn't see this move coming? It was obvious that Cable was the front runner right? I have to say I'm not surprised, Davis loves to draft terrible players and give them huge contracts. This has been a well documented recipe for franchise failure in the NFL, and also in Madden. Maybe Al Davis is a damn psychic and saw a winning resemblance in this guy that the rest of the league could not. Although the only resemblance I see is that of Tom Arnold. It is uncertain who Cable will hire as his staff, but I'd venture to say that he'll be the least accomplished of the group...unless he decides to snag one of the Browns' estranged coaches from 2008. We should feel sorry for the Raiders, but lets not forget the team we root for every Sunday fucking sucks too. In conclusion, I have nothing left to say because I just caught word that there is a new Hannah Montana video.
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Does Patrick McManamon Owe the Browns an Apology?

AKRON LEAKING URINAL - Even though we constantly poke fun at some of the local beat writers, we'll admit that Northeast Ohio is home to some of the very best (does anyone cover the Mid-American Conference like Elton Alexander, or Cleveland State athletics like Joe Maxse?). But we're a little concerned that a former Cleveland Browns employee has an axe to grind with the organization - and no, it's not former PR director Ken Mather. Ok yes it is, but we'll get to that next week.

Instead, we're talking about ABJ browns beat writer/columnist Patrick McManamon. Earlier this week, he eviscerated the Browns over the alleged removal of a mural commemorating past Hall of Famers and for the announcement of layoffs within the organization. The fine people at the Ohio and Brown Report have debunked the whole mural mess.

"sources inside Berea tell us the mural is not actually getting painted over as it is getting moved. This appears to have been the plan from the beginning rather than a last-minute scramble to overcome negative public reaction. "

As for the layoffs, it's sad to see many good people out of a job. But the often vilified Lerner isn't alone. The Colts, Redskins, Patriots and NFL have all done the exact same thing - using the economy has a justification. Going back in history, McManamon wrote a little more glowingly about the organization when Savage was hired, although to be fair, that was when he worked for the organization.

We'd hate to see what he writes about the ABJ when its he's gone in a few years.
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America Loves Kobe...So Does China..Not LeBron!

LOS ANGELES, CA - According to, Kobe Bryant's #24 jersey is atop the sales list once again, while LeBron James' #23 came in a modest third. Also, in China, Kobe again reigns supreme, while LeBron's jersey slipped down to fifth on the esteemed list. Do you realize that Kobe's jersey sells more than Yao Ming's in his own fucking country...he's the biggest star in the country and Kobe owns him, and occasionally dunks over him and stuffs his shots. It's funny that in the year that LeBron has taken over in the eyes of many as the world's greatest player, he still can't touch Kobe in the eyes of the fans.

Over the past year, LeBron has tried so valiantly to have a personality of his own and to get himself out know with the 300 commercials and public appearances. Meanwhile, Kobe has hit the gym, stayed out of the media spotlight and led his team to a league best record. Looks like working your ass off at your trade really does pay off, both with your game and with the fans. Looking back at the Olympics, even though LeBron was the flashiest player there, the Chinese fans were enamoured with Kobe Bryant, and he clearly was the one these little people were there to see. He came back hungry, led his team to a victory over the Cavaliers a few weeks ago, and now has eclipsed everyone else in the jersey sales department. What else is left for Kobe to do better than LBJ this year? Wouldn't it be something if the Lakers beat the Cavs in the NBA Finals, and then Kobe was named #1 in People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People list the next week? He could win the ESPY for player of the year, win the MVP award, have Gloria James start showing up at Lakers games and perhaps a billboard can go up in Cleveland of Kobe & Pedro Cerrano both doing their "Marbles" celebrations side by side. Looks like the Mamba isn't ready to pass the torch yet, meanwhile I'm off to to pick up my 500th Kobe Bryant jersey to make sure he stays on top!
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Mo Williams making his case for an all-star bid, LeBron goes triple and dub in win, but Kings score 110 and shoot 50 percent. No defense, no problem.

"Opposing coaches this season have praised Ohio State's matchup zone as one of the best in the country. " Well considering even Temple isn't playing matchup zone, that shows how effective this junk defense really is. Matta won't change philosophy.

In wake of Boyd's defection, Buckeyes going after Miami of Ohio commit. How the mighty have fallen. Are we sure they've scoured the rest of the MAC for able throwers? Buckeyes offer Austin Boucher.

Wedge says Ryan Garko will be playing some outfield. According to Garko's wiki - his favorite NBA team is the Lakers. Just putting it out there. Indians Insider.

OSU vs Michigan has been relegated to the Big Ten Network, again. Despite OSU cancellation, game is on.
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Browns GM George Kokinis Has A Twitter

BEREA - Who knew that new Browns GM George Kokinis has been sending out tweets left and right since Eric Mangini Randy Lerner hired him on Sunday? We hope this is evidence enough that yes, the Browns are evolving with the times and learning from their mistakes (the whole Baltimore personnel guy-as-GM and Belichick coaching tree spawn-as-head coach thing notwithstanding). Next thing you know they'll be bringing in the Max Weinberg 7 for in-game entertainment to make up for the noticeable void of a late night comedy show band at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

Make sure to click on image.
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tajh Boyd Bails on OSU

COLUMBUS - The last remaining prized QB recruit in this year's class chose Clemson over Ohio State and Oregon. Although this guy commits to a football program like Lindsey Lohan commits to a sexual orientation. It's the third team he's decided to play for in the last year, originally picking West Virginia then Tennessee. The message boards are understandably in meltdown mode, and all this hysteria over an athlete coming off a torn ACL.

Buckeyes now go into next season with only two quarterbacks on scholarship (although one watching the Fiesta Bowl might think otherwise considering the ducks flying out of Terrelle Pryor's arm - when he wasn't running out of bounds four yards short of the first down marker). Pryor's highly publicized last-minute announcement notwithstanding, Jim Tressel is turning into a worse closer than Jack Lemmon in Glengarry Glen Ross, remember how he lost Josh Jenkins to... umm.. West Virginia last year? Remember Fred Davis from USC?

Although tough to be too critical considering OSU's class is ranked 2nd on Scout and 3rd on Rivals. But if you're looking for optimism, you should have never left BuckeyeCommentary. I'm sure they'll tell you that the Buckeyes weren't blown out against LSU.
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So Glad This Happened...

Providence, R.I. - College basketball has certainly been interesting to watch lately...first Wayne Chism from Tennessee got tech'd up for taunting a coach, then Chase Budinger got his head stepped on, now this! Providence guard Jeff Xavier was hit in the face on his way to the hoop on January 17th, and when no foul was called his brother(who looks an awful lot like Harold Baines) went ahead and jumped over the bench and confronted the ref about the no-call.

Good for him! It was a fucking foul, the dude got hit in the face, and the 90 year old ref missed the call.
Here's what I don't get, if you're going to have a game where really fast black guys are moving up and down a court at ridiculous speeds, why would you have really slow, old, white people trying to keep up with them to ref the game? Wouldn't it make more sense to have equally fast, young black people ref the games? Or perhaps robots? Anything but old white guys...this is getting ridiculous. Conveniently for Xavier's brother Jonathan, he was out early on a drug sentence....and who didn't see this one coming. Anyhow, this idiot might have violated his parole, and could have to serve the remainder of his sentence in prison because of the incident. In reality, the ref who missed the call should be put in jail for the remainder of the sentence, and the young black dude who showed such athleticism jumping over the bench should get a paid trip to referee school.
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Roddick vs. Federer Part 258

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA - Well tennis fans, the stage is set for yet another classic Andy Roddick vs. Roger Federed matchup in this year's Australian Open semifinals...of course by classic I mean Federer will thoroughly embarass my long time man crush spurring fantastic post-match press conferences like this one. This time around, Roddick has trimmed off 15 lbs. and is said to be playing his best tennis ever. He is coming off a victory over Novak Djokovic, who may be the biggest pussy on the planet. Djokovic, who has a history of retiring only comparable to Brett Favre, had to quit the match in the 4th set because it was too hot out for him. What a faggot. You're the defending champion, think you could stand the heat for a few more minutes to finish getting stomped?

This highly anticipated matchup can be seen on ESPN, the only problem is that much like watching ABC's hit show Lost, we don't know if it's taking place live, in the past, or in the future for that matter. Does ESPN realize that they don't ever televise the Australian Open live, and if they do they make sure not to advertise when the matches will air. The last match I caught was Roddick beating up on some guy, however I'd already seen that he won the match online. Never fear though, I'll be sure to post results, and hopefully Roddick's press conference 20-30 hours after the match is over, you know...when I finally find out who wins!
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Cavaliers To Add Reggie Miller?

CLEVELAND - You might have missed this little nugget towards the end of Brian Windhorst's column this week (ironically someone who's never missed a nugget) -

"TNT announcer Reggie Miller said on Dan Patrick's radio show Monday afternoon that the Cavs had talked to him about coming out of retirement and playing for them. The Cavs declined to comment on Monday. "

It's not suprising that most probably missed this, considering the Fabulous Sports Babe has more listeners at this point. With Michael Redd going down for the season, is this the direction the Cavs would really want to go at this point? He's been out of the league for three and a half years (although he's hit only one less buzzer beater in that same timespan as LeBron).

Could this be a tactical move by the Cavs brass to bring it someone who will actually fued with Kobe, as opposed to usual pleasantries offered by LeBron towards other players not named DeShawn Stephenson? Unless the NBA adapts MTV's Rock and Jock 50-point basket (sadly no link despite our best efforts), we'd advise the wine and gold to move on. Although we must admit that the prospect of having two of the worst shooting forms in the league in the same backcourt would be appealing.

Here's the less funny but more factual version from
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Newzin' - Beltless Edition

"On Friday, T.J. McCreight, the team's player personnel director, was fired. On Monday, the Browns acknowledged McCreight's departure by saying they have accepted his "resignation." What??? New GM short on specifics.

How much drinking do you think Z did during the Cavs' west coast trip? Z back at practice.

Fueled by the play of Mo Williams, the Cavs now lead the NBA in local viewership.

Today Boyd makes his decision and breaks the hearts of two teams (and potentially Joe Bauserman). Boyd eager to make choice.

Columbus sportstalk fans can finally hear Herbie pimp USC and Florida outside of a 10 mile radius. 1460TheFan to simulcast on FM.

Group Against Sex Predators (GASP) meet in Akron. In a related story, sex predators arrange meetups with children of GASP members conveniently this week. Continue Entry»

Monday, January 26, 2009

Mountain West Conference is NOT Happy!

MULTIPLE SPOUSES, UTAH - According to reports, the Mountain West Conference is looking to enter the big leagues and receive an automatic BCS bid for the conference champ in the future. I hate college football in general, and I hate the BCS, and I hate all of the teams in this miserable conference, but the more I think about it, they probably deserve the automatic bid. I mean, the ACC is garbage and produces a doormat for a BCS game each year, and the Big 10 seems to produce 5 or 6 of why not let a team like Utah, or TCU have an automatic BCS bid? Is it because we need a terrible program like Wake Forest or Georgia Tech to get into the spotlight to get trampled by a national powerhouse? Do we hate mormons? Do we dislike programs that produce over-hyped, flop draft picks? Call me crazy..but I don't get it.

Since this will most likely be the only time I write about this useless sport, I feel that I should explain why I hate it so much: The Spread Offense. This pathetic style of offense has allowed teams with average quarterbacks and speedy receivers to flourish because the linebackers at this level simply aren't good enough to cover the entire field. Wide receiver screens, the zone read play, and the option simply don't work in the NFL... see Vince Young, Troy Smith, Tim Couch, Alex Smith, David Klinger, Andre Ware the list goes on and on(If any one of you ignorant bastards even mentions the words "Wildcat Formation" in a comment I will hunt you down). This causes guys like Joe Flacco, who have at least taken a snap from under center in their careers to come into the NFL and amaze us with their mediocrity. Name one fucking quarterback who came from a spread offense who's succeeded in the NFL...please...just one!

You know what does produce solid NFL players...the USC Trojans, one of the only programs in the nation who plays real football, and produces solid NFL prospects year in and year out. You don't see 5 wide receiver formations, bubble screens, and terribly overrated quarterbacks here. Instead, you see a group of dudes who get more beautiful ass than any other group in the nation from girls like THIS, and occasionally party too hard and lose one game each year to keep them out of the title game. Is there any fucking doubt that this was the best team in the country?
Instead, Florida wins another national title, and still hasn't produced a solid professional player since Fred Taylor. Gerard Warren, Chris Leak, Jarvis Moss, Chad Jackson... man these guys have really made the Gators proud. It's a disgrace to the sport that a team led by Chris Leak even won their conference, much less a title. That asshole didn't throw a pass farther than 10 yards in the air the entire title game, and yet due to the spread offense they were champions. I hope that stupid commercial about the NCAA where they talk about people going professional in something other than sports is true, because if you go to UF, you aren't doing shit in the pros.
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The Kokinis era begins and Tony Grossi is vindicated. Browns name new GM.

This article marks the first time a white reporter has ever entered this up-scale hair salon. (editor's note, I went to the Major League Barber's myspace, and came up with the following picture and subsequent caption - make sure to click on the scrilla yo).

Day after monster truck promoter touts event's safety, he's crushed and killed by Bigfoot, Gravedigger, Boogey Van, Rampage, Carolina Crusher Bearfoot , Sampson.

Last night on Wall to Wall Sports in Columbus, Bill Kurelic says his money is on OSU to sign Taj Boyd. Oregon and Clemson message boards claim it's a done deal to their schools. Gotta love recruiting. Boyd to announce tomorrow.

OSU's 2-2 defensive zone needs some tweaking. Perhpas adding a fifth defender would help. Zone picked apart.
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Crater Caught With Cannabis Noopy Nabbed With Narcotics

TAMPA BAY, FLORIDA - Proving that it's never a good omen if your recruiting picture (located above) looks like a mug shot, former Buckeye Anthony Crater was arrested Friday night with weed. At one point in high school, the South Florida Bull was considered one of the best point guard recruits in the country. After his commitment to OSU, his status took a plunge worse than US Airways Flight 1549, going from a five-star recruit, down to four-stars, then three-stars, and now apparently down to a one-hitter.

He left the Buckeyes after just 10 games when it proved to be too difficult to beat out a couple below average JUCO transfers. Thad Matta had constantly urged the freshman to value possession of the basketball. Looks like he got the possession part down. Continue Entry»