Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Northcutt Heads South

The Browns were dealt a major free agent blow over the past few days with the loss of Dennis Northcutt, one of the last remaining vestiges of the forgettable Chris Palmer era. Clamoring for some semblance of an identity since the team's return in 1999, the Browns fan base will assuredly lament the loss of Northcutt (shown above, preparing to drop the football), who is synonymous with the new era Browns. The now former Browns ball-dropper will always have a fondness for his days in Cleveland:

"It was a system that really wasn’t for me,” Northcutt explained “For them, they really didn’t like small receivers. And I wasn’t in the slot [and] they didn’t want to put me in the slot. There were a lot of things that happened."

He's dead on. The Browns never implemented an offense that could properly utilize a guy who couldn't go over the middle, couldn't run routes, couldn't catch the football and couldn't develop the requisite chemistry in the television studio on "Browns Table" with broadcast professionals Les Levine and Michael Reghi. Congratulations Jaguars, you just spent $22 million at a guy who's averaging 1.5 TD catches a season throughout his careeer - Mike Vrabel has made bigger catches, and is probably more elusive. The Jags essentially threw money at a guy who couldn't catch it.


Anonymous said...

good closing line, at least we still have daylon mccutcheon...for now.

Anonymous said...

this site is comical

andre king said...

How did this guy have a longer career than me?

Frisman said...

Why do i feel you hate Northcutt mainly because of "The Browns Table"? Someone had to fill the athlete spot, and not every job can be yours? That said, I need one.

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