Sunday, March 4, 2007

Seven Week Layoffs, We Hardly Knew You

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany thinks you can do a lot with 50 days. It could be enough time to form a blue-ribbon task force to discuss the addition of another team. It might be enough time to try and convince the tournament selection committee that the league deserves more than four teams in March. But as we learned back in January, 50 days might be too much time to prepare for BCS bowl games, just ask Delany.

"We had two very disappointing bowl outcomes, and the huge time lag was a factor in the public’s mind and some coaches’ minds," Delany said. "Since everybody was talking about it, we felt we should discuss it. We at least want to inspect it (the possibility of moving back the season)."

If the conference significantly alters its schedule, off-campus students will be rioting and burning couches after Thanksgiving as opposed to before it. So adjust your schedules accordingly.


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