Saturday, March 10, 2007

In the News

Dennis Northcutt is heading back to Cleveland, only this time they're calling him "Tim Carter." Browns trade RB, release angry CB

Any time my alma mater gets press, and it's not involving an overly "friendly" guidance counselor who crashes parties from time to time, it's getting on the site. Red Raiders' defense stifles Wolverines

Shaun Smith had 6 tackles in 13 games last season for the Bengals. Even Ted Washington thinks this guy is unproductive. Bengals DT signs offer sheet

Bill Livingston is still writing about the MAC. Wake me up when the conference has even a remote chance at getting two teams in the real tournament. 13,000 showed up for this by the way, not the "sellout" some of the locals were projecting. Kent has program to ball among the major players

And here's the Tom Mastny profile you've been clamoring for. Tribe rookie has a season to savor

OK, in the spirit of dispassionate reportage, we go Fox News on you and link a pro-Greg Oden column - real tough to find in this area. Oden means business when he gets angry


Tim Barnes said...

At least they're not writing about me anymore!

Kaitlin Heatwole said...

hey, can I get your new cell number?

Elliott Feldman said...

Alllllrriigghhhhttt, that's my ex-girlfriend

some tennis coach said...

someone has some major swamp beef!

Anonymous said...

greg oden played so well yesterday. Could he be the best player ever to play the position?

Anonymous said...

What does that move Frazier's record against Harvey in the playoffs to? 0-4?

Anonymous said...

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