Thursday, March 8, 2007

A New Role for Damon Jones That Still Involves Sitting the Bench

CLEVELAND - The self-proclaimed "best shooter in the world" has looked very comfortable on the Cavaliers' bench of late. Jones is now drawing some attention to himself since his odd 72-hour bout with the 24-hour flu. Fans were calling the sports talk airways in droves today concerning Jones's constant mouth flapping with Mike Brown and LeBron during last night's thrilling overtime victory over the Pistons. I don't know about you, but it's pretty funny to think about Damon Jones as the calming influence on the sidelines. The guy who raided Craig Sager's wardrobe (or vice versa), has only played 20 combined minutes since February 14th.

Today on the extremely popular "More Sports and Les Levine" show, a caller asked Brian Windhorst of the ABJ about the lack of DJ's playing time. Windhorst said Jones is still sour over the abrupt end to his impressive (and surprising) streak of 297 consecutive games played last month against the Jazz. He said Jones has been everything but professional since his return, taking his good ole time to recover from the flu and now complaining about alleged back spasms. Catch the repeat tonight at 11 p.m. on Time Warner cable.


x-man said...

interesting article for once, try doing this more often

Kenny Roda said...

"Amon Ones" No "D" No "J."

Have you guys heard that one before?? I'm hilarious!

steve kocsis said...

how bout eric Slow?

Anonymous said...

What about "Dolan's discounts?"

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