Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rampage Having a Bad Month

NEWPORT, BEACH - Yep, that's former UFC light heavyweight champion Rampage Jackson looking even more vulnerable on the ground than he did at UFC 86. He was arrested Tuesday on at least two felony charges, including evading arrest and a hit and run, apparently taking a page out of Kalib Starnes' Lyoto Machida's playbook (few will get that joke, and even less will laugh).

In the TMZ story, you'll notice that the truck he used to flee police had a gigantic picture of himself emblazoned on the side, which is no doubt part of UFC's grassroots marketing campaign designed to alert ESPN that mixed martial arts does indeed exist (tomorrow I'll be sharing a response I received from ESPN's ombudsman ombudsman's assistant regarding my past criticisms of their MMA coverage).

I'm guessing that while Dana White isn't thrilled about Rampage voluntarily taking himself out of octagon for awhile, he's rejoicing over mainstream media coverage at TMZ. Although, I fully expect newly crowned hot dog eating champion Joey Chestnut to go on a six-state raping and killing spree to steal the press from the UFC like he did two weeks ago. By the way, is anyone else concerned that Kimbo Slice will now have less of a legal record that Rampage Jackson?? The good news is that the 205-pound MMA penal league weight class just got a little deeper. Perhaps Quentin will use his time behind bars to actually develop a game plan.
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