Tuesday, March 27, 2007

LeBron Building a House With All Those Bricks (Literally)

BATH TOWNSHIP - We're still scratching our heads why LeBron's new house, which we've known about since 2003, is all of a sudden newsworthy - that of course won't stop us from giving it more exposure. But seriously, the ABJ is impressed, as is WKYC. If you're like us, you've been openly questioning his priorities (and his taste in women) in the last calendar year. Fear not Cavs fans, he'll be working on his game each day; his bowling game. Would you believe there's not one basketball hoop in the entire place - all 35,000 sq ft of it? If ever there was a place he could not work on his free throws, you would assume his mansion would be that place. And don't be fooled LeBron fans, there's absolutely an ostentatious side of LeBron you never get to see (if we're not counting the contrived pregame ritual stolen from MJ, or the facial expressions he has to make after a wide open dunk when he's busy not getting back on defense); a limestone sculpture of himself. Continue Entry»

Last Call for Happy Hour - Kenny's Show Hits the Road

Oh the vagaries of post-Salem sports talk radio in Cleveland. According to a report on Cleveland.com, WKNR personality Kenny Roda is out as the station's longtime afternoon drive sports talker. And his surprising replacement...

Sports radio stalwart Mark "Munch" Bishop is bolting Clear Channel Communications - and his gigs as sports director on WMJI and WMMS - for a job at sports-talk station WKNR. The voice of sports on WMMS and WMJI's popular Lanigan & Malone morning show is set to take over the afternoon-drive shift, 3-6 p.m., on WKNR.

Now, we were never the biggest fans of the Pittsburgh native's style, but ironically, his show was THE Cleveland sports talk show that had the pulse of the Cleveland fan. He didn't necessarily have the most entertaining afternoon all sports talk show in town, or the worst. Actually, he had the only one - and for many years. Which is the point. The Cleveland sports scene certainly needed and deserved a fresh voice. Roda and the recently reassigned Greg Brinda had the monopoly on the local airways for far too long, with no major ratings jump since Art Modell gave Clevelanders a reason to listen.

As for Munch, he's certainly capable of injecting some new life into WKNR. Anyone familiar with his Buckeye gameday shows on WTVN in Columbus certainly know what's he's capable of. He's a bare bones type of sports talker, who knows the players and coaches inside and out. The guy also might be able to roll off every high school mascot in the state of Ohio, which is actually kind of creepy, but different. And given the recent history of the same Tim Couch/Akili Smith-type sports talk in this town, different is good.

Many "insiders" at WKNR have already suggested to CursedCleveland.com that Roda will now anchor the post-game show, where his candor and "hotty" talk will be far better received (And maybe he won't stay so tight lipped about his son Cameron's amateur sports career, which many listeners have been clamoring to hear). Continue Entry»

Monday, March 26, 2007

Much like the Cleveland Browns offensive Line, CursedCleveland.com is currently under construction (You were probably also thinking "Crappy" and "Clinically Depressed"...Sorry Ryan Tucker). Continue Entry»

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Oden the most dominant, but Conley the most valuable (How pissed was the PD when they realized it's four more hotel days for Livingston and 16 more meals on their tab?) . Miles of smiles on way to Atlanta

Kelly Shoppach threw three runners out yesterday on the basepads, that exact feat happens to be Victor's goal for the 2007 season. Tribe notes

"O.J. calls you, you don't call O.J" - words that should be emblazoned on OJ Mayo's business card. OJ Mayo not spoiled despite heat of last year (Looks like Windhorst will now be riding the coattails of a new superstar not named LeBron)

You have to overpay to get free agents in sports. When you're the Browns, you have to really overpay.

Jeff Shudel isn't exactly thrilled about the Browns QB situation. You know what Jeff, we're not really thrilled about your website which doesn't insert spaces between paragraphs, or print Les Levine or Roger Brown's columns. Trading for Trent Green is next step Continue Entry»