Monday, February 9, 2009

Browns Lose Another Assistant: Ken Dorsey Waived

The never-ending third-team quarterback controversy got even hazier today as the Browns waived Ken Dorsey and Bruce Gradkowski. This leaves new coach Eric Mangini and the rest of the Browns brass in a tenuous position of having to actually find a third option to fill in once options one and two contract MRSA and/or go down with the dreaded ACL/MCL tear

Browns fans are sure to have mixed emotions on the Dorsey era. Few players were able to motion in the signals with the flair and passion of Dorsey. He'll also remain one of the few quarterbacks of the modern era to sport the full length t-shirt under the spotless, seldom-used jersey. However, some purists continue to assert that Dorsey, as the sideline signaller, failed in his job as the last line of defense for Romeo and Chud's horrendous playcalling - and that he could have changed calls on the fly. He was also limited in his abilities over the years to run the scout team and to mimic opposing QB's. One source told us that janitors within the complex would be asked to come in and make the 15-yard throws that Dorsey was unable to hammer out.

Calls made to Bernie Kosar Ken Dorsey's agent were not returned.


Anonymous said...

3 starts - Zero offensive touchdowns, one of the most memorable stretches in Cleveland Browns history... Ken Dorsey, you will be missed.

Anonymous said...

This is a sad day for me personally. I loved the fact that my noodle arm could throw a pass with more velocity and distance than an NFL QB. Ken Dorsey will be missed!!!!

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