Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Browns GM George Kokinis Has A Twitter

BEREA - Who knew that new Browns GM George Kokinis has been sending out tweets left and right since Eric Mangini Randy Lerner hired him on Sunday? We hope this is evidence enough that yes, the Browns are evolving with the times and learning from their mistakes (the whole Baltimore personnel guy-as-GM and Belichick coaching tree spawn-as-head coach thing notwithstanding). Next thing you know they'll be bringing in the Max Weinberg 7 for in-game entertainment to make up for the noticeable void of a late night comedy show band at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

Make sure to click on image.


Anonymous said...

Twittering is stupid.

BarkerDawg said...

So did anyone find out if they really painted over the mural in berea?

Mark - Berea said...

This is hilarious. Does he have a myspace page? Or an Adultfriendfinder profile?

Love the site!

Phil Savage said...

Why would the new GM have a twitter? That seems kind of unprofessional. You should stay away from interacting with fans.

Phil Savage said...

Tony Grossi: Have the Bills contacted you for their GM position?

Savage: Fuck you. Go root for Buffalo.

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