Thursday, January 29, 2009

Simply Inferior

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - Ok, so I did it, I stayed up until 3:30 Eastern Time to watch this matchup last night, and I can hardly keep my eyes open at the moment. I thought about doing a live blog, but I was hardly awake and at that time if you're not a free porn site you can't expect many hits. The best part of the entire broadcast was Dick Enberg's montage at the beginning, giving fans of Roddick a glimmer of hope that this may be the year that he turns the corner. This reminds me, should anyone besides Dick Enberg, Brent Musberger or Bob Costas be allowed to do the monologues for big sporting events? These guys could make you excited to watch a wheelchair badminton tournament.

Back to Roddick vs. Federer...this matchup is one that is incredibly intriguing and I can't figure out why. Federer has been so dominant that it makes me wonder why Andy hasn't just quit the game all together. Yet, every year he works harder, comes back with some new coach or body style, and gets his ass kicked again. I think what makes Roddick so likeable is his immaturity, he's always so quick to tell an umpire to "Have some sack, dude" like he did last night, horrifying the announcers on the live broadcast. He's human. He has flaws, other than his weak ass looping forehand that Federer owns. It's a feeling Cleveland Browns fans know well, you know...playing against a bitter rival that is superior to you in every sense. The Brownies, much like Roddick, show signs that they can compete, but then a clutch situation arrives and the dominance returns. Roethlisberger will roll out of a sure sack and complete a first down pass, right as Federer is hitting an impossible passing shot that leaves the announcers screaming "Come on, that's just not fair." It's disheartening, and difficult to watch at times.
Federer may be the coolest man on the planet. He does nothing but praise Roddick, make fun of Djokovic, and beat on everyone in his path (Well except for Nadal, who he'll face in the title game unless something ridiculous happens). He is gracious in victory and defeat, quiet tempered, and so calm under pressure he almost seems like a robot. I want to hate this guy, for continually knocking the most entertaining player in the sport out of majors, and embarassing him in the process, but I simply can't. He's just a nice guy, he and Kurt Warner should go fishing next week after the Super Bowl and just talk about puppies and rainbows and peace on earth.


Webmaster said...

Even Brad Gilbert thinks you know and watch too much about Tennis.

Rossitron said...

I think Roddick's stiff 2 handed backhand is one of his main problems; And he just cant win long rallies against the best players.

And by all that I meant GO CAVS

aaronjmac said...

I think the best part of the match was Chris Fowler and crew introducing the phrase "red line" into my ever increasing sports lexicon. They used this phrase to absolute perfection on multiple occasions. The only way Roddick could have won was if he was able to red line every serve, and every approach all night long and he couldn't do it. A fun match to watch even though Roger's domination allowed Andy no glimmer of hope. At least he has an SI swimsuit model to return home to.

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