Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Triumphant Returns Suck

Don't call it a comeback, we've been here for days. I'll be flat-out honest with most of you, I'm not real happy about attempting to get back into this. Most of you could never identify with the overwhelming pressure that goes along with running a blog that gets little to no readership at it's peak. By the way, I'd like to congratulate the fine writers over at Major League Jerk. They've really cornered the market on breaking down all-things Luis Gonzalez.

So how about people continuing to bash Mike Brown. The Lakers are allegedly the most talented crop of athletes assembled since "Best of the Best" (although one could easily argue the Lakers have better actors), yet they are having just as much of a problem scoring the basketball as the Cavs had. So one of the following must be true: The Cavs have a better coach than they are getting credit for, or they have a much better supporting cast.

The big news this week in Browns camp is that LeCharles Bentley has been "cleared" for practice. We addressed the whole LeCharles situation way back when our blog was hitting on all cylinders, full of spunk and sticktuidness. Now, will Bentley's emergence guarantee parades down Euclid avenue? Probably not (the only thing I've been observing down our signature street is very affordable, but a little too square in the jaw - with an adam's apple the size of LeBron's ego). I'm not exactly sure how this whole Browns thing is going to pan out this year, but what I do know is that we're getting more primetime television appearances than Jim Mckay at this point.

As for the Indians, they were actually tolerable tonight thanks to CC working a game in less time than it took me to digest an overrated Jud Apatow flick. Why again are pitchers and batters allowed to call "time" again? Would the game be worse off if the players had to dig in and... wait for it... play ball? I will be following up with an anti-baseball manifesto. Be excited.

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