Wednesday, February 21, 2007

His Jersey Number Told Us How Many Games He Would Play

CLEVELAND - How do you go from becoming one of the best centers in the NFL to sitting in a wheelchair contemplating whether you'll ever play another down of football in your career? I'd suggest you go ask Mr. Bentley, who would probably admit that he overlooked the small print in the contract alluding to mandatory staph infections. Savage confirmed what most Clevelanders already suspected, that the former Buckeye and Ignatius grad would miss the entire '07 season with his knee injury. But it's not all bad news from Savage, who did state the following:

"He may never play again."

Well, at least he's not dying or anything. And sorry if we're not exactly feeling badly for him, he did receive a $12 million signing bonus and he's earning an additional $1.4 million towards his base salary. We're not exactly sure how many incentives he'll reach this season while sitting in this.


Bob Hallen said...

Does this mean I need to come out of retirement? SO i can retire again?

Anonymous said...

hopefully Hank Fraley remembers how to block this year

Concerned Clevelander said...

At least we have Jeff Faine to back him up. NOT!. Phenomenal GM move.

Phil Savage said...

the good news is that both LeCharles and Gary Baxter count against our salary cap for the remainder of their contracts

Darrent Williams said...

i count against denver's cap too

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