Thursday, February 22, 2007

Orange Out Tonight at "The Q"

CLEVELAND, Ohio - According to, Quicken Loans arena will be packed with orange-clad fans who don't cheer loud unless it's playoff time this evening when the Cavs host the overrated Bulls. WHO CARES! Every single other team who plays sports has already done this (We even attempted this in high school), and imagine how excited the fans will be for this game if no trade is completed before the quickly approaching trade deadline. Penn State obviously had the best "White Out" (Honorable mention to the Miami Heat), and if it weren't for the enthusiasm of their students section and alumni fans, we wouldn't have to watch other teams miserably fail at attempting to reproduce the same effect over and over and over again. Instead of putting together an "Orange Out," how bout just bringin' Mike Bibby aboard?


Anonymous said...

orange-out with red and blue logos on the floor will look stupid

Anonymous said...

sounds some passion coming off that road win!

lame sauce said...

this project sure failed, they never panned out on the crowd and half of hte people in the lower seats just wore whatever.

Nice 2nd quarter.

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