Friday, February 23, 2007

In the News

I guess Branson Wright wasted all his time stealing Hoopshype's rumors: Cavs quiet as deadline passes

Bud Shaw takes us on a roller coaster ride of mixed metaphors, allegories and malapropisms as he astutely surmises that no deal was made: Stationary Cavs still in mix of even east

Told you Nixon was a crook: Trot's in no rush as workouts begin

Sabathia could care less that people think he's a fat ass. Sabathia worth weight



Browns win coin flip...yet nobody is talking about the fact that Tampa Bay gets the 35th pick and we get the 36th! The Browns get screwed again: Grossi's Blog


King Nick said...

Speaking of coin flips...why does my AK lose to 55 everytime, but when i have 77 I lose to AQ consistently?

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