Thursday, February 22, 2007

Micro-Fracture Surgery for K2

CLEVELAND, Ohio - According to the Akron-Beacon Journal, Browns tight-end Kellen Winslow may have a rough road to recovery this offseason. This is great news for Browns fans, who just yesterday had it confirmed that center LeCharles Bentley wouldn't return for the '07 season. Although, let's not get too down on our luck, we do have a big coin flip to lose tomorrow, and Gary Baxter is recovering quicker than anyone thought (and still probably won't play this year). Micro-fracture surgery is something that many athletes have gone through and not recovered from, so lets hope our "Soldier" can beat the odds and come back at close to 100%....even though we know his 80 percent is better than any other tight end in the league in his own humble opinion. Things have gotta turn around don't they? Something good has got to happen for us Cleveland fans....doesn't it? Man it sure feels like I've been saying that very line since I was old enough to talk.
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Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaaaaa,you sound like a boston fan. Be a real Cleveland fan and just take it like a man. Thats how we roll.

SportsBoyTony said...

He actually sounds nothing like a Boston fan. He utilizing excellent diction, as opposed to the Boston accent which has a highly distinctive system of low vowels including the dreaded "broad A."

trade the pick said...

Actually we won the coin toss. As Bob Dylan once said, the times, they are a-changing.

It is depressing to know that a coin toss has already provided more excitement than the 2006 season.

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