Tuesday, February 20, 2007

K-9 Killa

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. - According to FoxSports.com, Atlanta Falcons defensive lineman Jonathan Babineaux is claiming that he is not to blame for the death of his girlfriends dog. Gwinnett County Police certainly disagreed with the former Iowa Hawkeye by slapping felony animal abuse charges on him. He allegedly had argued with his girlfriend at home, and when she returned home later from the movies her dog was in "Severe Distress." Kilo, the one and a half year-old pitt bull mix was pronounced dead late Sunday from what police are saying was a "Massive Blow to the Head (I don't know about the rest of you, but I thought pitt bulls were supposed to be deadly dogs who killed humans, not the other way around)." I think this guy should have seen the fact that his girlfriend actually owned a pitt bull as a red flag, but hey love is blind right?
Perhaps Babineaux was taking out his frustrations from only recording 28 tackles this past season, or from not making the playoffs.....orrrr perhaps the dog actually provoked him, it's hard to say at this juncture. A Falcons spokesperson said that the team will refrain from commenting until they have all the information they need (Apparently knowing that the guy killed his girlfriend's dog isn't enough, they could be waiting to see if he sexually assaulted it as well). A note to those of you in scenic Gwinnett County: Babineaux was released on $2,300 bond Monday morning, so please keep your dogs inside until this matter is cleared up.


Ron Artest said...

Me and this dude should hang out.

King Nick said...

and be put in cages

Chris Henry said...

What about me? Can I come too?

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