Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Clyde Hopes to "Glide" on Dancing With the Stars

According to, Clyde Drexler, former NBA great, will be amongst the competitors in the upcoming season of ABC's hit show "Dancing with the Stars," which will premiere on March 19th. Clyde will hope to follow in Emmitt Smith's footsteps and dance his way to a title, and at the very least he'll get to spend countless sweaty hours with one of the ridiculously hot and scantily clad professional dancers. Other stars that will be joining in on the fun will be Paul McCartney's estranged wife Heather Mills (Who by the way has an artificial leg due to a tragic motorcycle accident in '93...I wonder if anyone will use the timeless "Break a Leg" prior to any of her performances). Rounding out the field in this season will be former N'Sync singer Joey Fatone, Laila Ali, Ian Ziering (a.k.a. Steve Sanders from 90210) and the biggest one-hit wonder of all-time: Billy Ray Cyrus (There are a few others, but their names are neither heavily recognizable nor do they give us any window to poke fun at them). Here at, we are psyched for this new season, mostly because we don't have much to do besides watch stupid shows like this one. Good Luck to all!
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Emmitt Smith said...

Get off me!

Your 'Stache Is Trash said...

Haha. Maybe Clyde can join Clyde Frazier and Emmitt in the next Just For Men commercial.

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