Saturday, February 24, 2007

Combine: Browns Get the Nosebleeds

After a coin-flip and a big victory this week, the Browns went to the combine with reason for optimism. Phil Savage is now in good position to draft a difference maker in one of the strongest draft classes we have seen in quite awhile. There is only one problem. Will Phil Savage be able to see any of his potential targets from the 32nd row at the combine? According to, the Browns contingent at the combine will be sitting in row 32. To prevent fighting over seats, they draw names out of a hat every year to determine what team sits where and the Browns just so happened to snag row 32. Although Phil Savage has always been known for his ability to determine heads or tails mid-flip, his proclivity to lose hat draws has always been a weakness.

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adrian peterson said...

All you need to see is my game tapes.

time warner cable said...

32nd row is better than the no coverage that we have provided you with.

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