Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cavs Fall in South Beach

MIAMI - If someone would have told you that Shaq and D. Wade would combine for 19 points, 11 rebounds and 3 assists, you probably would've thought that the Cavaliers would lose and that D. Wade missed the game and possibly the rest of the season with a dislocated shoulder injury. If so, you'd be right. The Cavs are now only one full game ahead of the Bulls and the #5 spot in the East. The Cavs shot just 36 percent from the field, dropping their record to 1-12 when they shoot under 40 percent. LeBron had a game-high 29 points, but was just 7 of 12 from the free throw line, dropping him to 58 percent on the season from the line. That's just ridiculously bad for someone who's supposed to take over games in the fourth quarter, which he failed to do, again.

So here's what he know at this point: Regardless of the specific player rotations, regardless of how well LeBron plays, regardless of whether Larry Hughes misses eight contested jump shots or nine...this team is inept offensively. They clearly need help, fortunately the trade deadline is only...umm, well there goes that idea.


Anonymous said...

That's an unacceptable loss.

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