Tuesday, February 27, 2007

In the News

David Dellucci has a bone to pick with Ray Nagin and Michael Chertoff. A helping hand

Who's on first? I don't know...Third Base! Blake a man for many situations

Since when do they let David Manoloff cover the Cavaliers? Misfiring Cavaliers struggle for answers

The first time the Plain Dealer has recognized MMA ever. It's perfectly legal to start covering UFC events now...please start this Saturday, it's only a two and a half hour drive to Columbus. You have no excuses. Mixed martial arts knock out boxing

Bud Shaw thinks the combine is boring. You know what Bud, we've seen you on "More Sports and Les Levine"...you're not so entertaining yourself. Combine definitely not must-see TV

After a brain aneurysm, Peter Gammons only knows half of the Lake County Captains roster. Gammons stays positive in game of life


Anonymous said...

I loved manoloff's article. It was much better than that dope Branson Wright. My favorite part was when he compared Z's anxiety over the cavs' shot selection and field goal percentage with Lebron's complete lack of concern. Seriously LeBron, can you be any more in denial? He thinks that they had good looks, they just didn't go down. Are Mike Brown and the rest of this franchise so intimidated by LeBron that they can't just say to him "DRIVE THE BALL TO THE FUCKING RIM"?

King Nick said...

To answer your question...yes. This is Lebron's team and will be till they get this puppet/mr. potato head out as head coach.

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