Friday, March 2, 2007



BREAKING NEWS - Browns sign Eric Steinbach to kick off free agency period

CLEVELAND, OH - According to John Clayton of ESPN, the Cleveland Browns have reached a deal with free agent offensive guard Eric Steinbach. Early reports are that the former Bengal has signed a 7-year $49 million deal. It is still unclear if the Browns plan to move the versatile lineman to the left tackle position, the spot currently held by Kevin Shaffer, who most feel is better suited to play right tackle. Early reports indicate that the deal is front loaded with $23 million spread over the first three years. While most experts tagged Steinbach as best guard in this free agent class (possibly the top free agent), his hefty contract might be an indication that the Browns will move him to the blindside tackle position. This move almost assuredly cements that that the Browns won't take Joe Thomas if he slipped to the third spot.

We'll have more on this as we receive more word from the message boards...


Anonymous said...

Huge does Phil Savage pull this off two seasons in a row in free agency

Larry David said...

what's the cut-off for "breaking news"

Randy Lerner said...

Phil scores in free agency with my checkbook

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