Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spring Training Report # 1 - The Showalter Effect

With the Grapefruit League season just around the corner, the staff here at CursedCleveland.com is preparing to provide you the most comprehensive in-depth coverage of Cleveland Indians Spring Training 2007 (at least the most complete coverage that can be offered from 1085 miles north of Winter Haven).

While a few questions of consequence loom regarding the Tribe's 25-man roster, namely the last two spots in the bullpen and the ever-so-important utility infielder position (was it not Rafael Belliard's presence on the 1995 Braves that clinched their World Series victory???) we see the greater picture. While Jason Davis and Matt Miller will likely win the final two bullpen spots and Joe Inglett or Hector Luna the utility infielder job, the reality remains that issues much greater than these will determine the fate of the 2007 Tribe.

Of these greater issues, one is reportedly close to being resolved as general manager Mark Shapiro is nearing a contract extension with the team. Still, another potential powder-keg has been ignored by the mainstream media and even overlooked by the ever-so-perceptive internet message board community.

This major issue facing the 2007 Tribe? The presence of Buck Showalter.

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the hat guy said...

they have a new type of hat or something? Whats new about it?

King Nick said...

With March Madness knockin on the door and the NBA Playoffs nearing closer everday, I find it very difficult to get enthusiastic about the Indians, or baseball itself for that matter. All I know is the Tribe will never win anything with Dolan and Wedge at the helm. The sooner they are gone the better. Keith Foulke realized that he was playing for the Indians and going to have to live in Cleveland, OH for a while and get the hell out of dodge. Smart move if you ask me.

ohio_guy said...

who knows, maybe this will finaly be the indians year

Bonecrusher said...

Anthony I know you are with me when I say the Tribe is going to be sweet this year. I will bet they make the playoffs, they are one of the best outside jump shooting teams in the league.

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